Multistakeholderism in cybersecurity: what’s the role of private sector in fighting botnets?

This presentation addresses upcoming forms of botnets and how the regulatory system is framed to enable/prevent intervention by private sector agents. It discusses the opportunties and limits of cybersecurity laws and proposes the concept of a governance framework to fight botnets. Regulation by law and by private sector (codes of conduct) will be scrutinized and proposals for regulatory amendments will be brought to the fore.

Karine e Silva
Karine e Silva is the lead investigator in the BotLeg project, pioneering research in EU, NL, and US laws on botnet mitigation and respect for fundamental rights. In her work, she liases with ISPs, governmental institutions, and anti-cybercrime organisations. She was previously a legal consultant at the ITU and the principal legal investigator at the Advanced Cybersecurity Defence Centre Project (ACDC) (EU Funded).